June 8, 2015

About Leodigital

Leodigital does Digital, Differently.

How? We are driven. Driven by data, performance and ambition in every decision.

Leodigital was born in 2015 out of an ambition to help ambitious start-up and growing digital businesses harness the power of the internet.

Our core aim is to assist businesses by striving to improve their online marketing performance in line with overall commercial objectives.

We want to help businesses make the most of the web. We want to support in tackling the evolving challenges faced in a digital-first world.

Businesses need to make the most of modern technologies. Why? Because what one business is not doing, the competition in the market is.

But it is easier said, than done. So whether a business needs to raise its market profile, boost sales or simply ‘be found’ on the web – Leodigital can help.

Leodigital, with access to a network of digital marketing freelancers and consultants, specialise in paid digital advertising campaigns and content strategy.

Leodigital is certified in Adwords Fundamentals and Advanced Search Exams, accredited by Google, plus graduates of Squared Online.

Find out more about our digital marketing management services, or contact Leodigital.

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