February 14, 2016

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management and Google Adwords Advertising

Google Adwords and Pay Per Click PPC advertising campaigns are the best way to send highly-targeted traffic to your website.

Google Adwords PPC Advertising Logo

Leodigital’s core business since inception has been led by PPC account management and planning, not least the management and optimisation of Google Adwords campaigns.

And with time spent comes learning returned. Learning we pass on to the businesses we work with. Leodigital is certified in Adwords Fundamentals and Advanced Search Exams, accredited by Google.

Need targeted traffic to your website, at a profitable cost? Google Adwords advertising could be for you

To deliver performance, Leodigital adopts best practice search marketing methods, enhancing campaigns with data-driven optimisation.

The key to PPC success is often simply knowing your market, your position in it (your value proposition) and your business objectives. Then target and optimise to them.

For profitable results on PPC campaigns, the formula to follow is often:

Relevant and profitable keyword/bid + enticing ad message/product + relevant landing page/strong user experience = conversions

In PPC and Analytics metrics terms, that’s:

Avg CPC/Max Bid + CTR + Behaviour: Bounce Rate/Avg Session Duration = CR

With a blend of creativity and analysis, Leodigital can boost your revenue with relevant, converting traffic from paid search marketing.

Leodigital’s PPC management services are committed to:

  • Setup and creation of a Google Adwords account with campaign, ad groups, ads and keyword lists delivered from research in line with ROI goals
  • Management of account and campaigns in line with commercial objectives and budgets, plus determined revenue or acquisition targets
  • Optimisation of account and campaigns by negative filtering, A/B split testing, keyword broadening, ad extensions, bid adjustments, day parting analysis and more
  • Google Analytics setup/Adwords linking for visibility on campaign engagement metrics

Leodigital is experienced in Google Search, Display and Shopping campaigns. Need our help? Drop us a line using the form below.